Wearing the Right Things for a Funeral Wake


A funeral wake is a small celebration related to death, customarily held a few days before a funeral, memorial service. Traditionally, a traditional wake is held at the deceased’s home with a viewing of the body; however, most modern wakes are now usually held at another convenient place or even a funeral home. A funeral wake can be a great time to say your final goodbyes.

Many funeral wake follow specific guidelines. Most of them are similar, but variations are depending on where you have the wake. For example, if you have it at a chapel, you will most likely want to wear black. This is often seen as being respectful, as wearing any other color might be considered inappropriate. It’s important to remember that traditions are constantly changing, so if you are not used to wearing black, don’t hesitate to ask the officiant if it’s okay before making your move.

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Traditionally, attendees at a funeral service receive a gift from the person who has died. It could be a keepsake from the funeral service like a special prayer card or a book about the person. Sometimes there will be an open casket viewing where family members and friends came together to see the body before the burial. This is also the time for viewing photos. It is not uncommon for a funeral service to have a pastor speak in front of everyone during a funeral service. However, some people choose to have a pastor read a poem or lead a reading of a favorite song.

Another tradition associated with wakes is sharing memories of the person. This may be through journaling or even video recordings. Often the attendees will write down things they remember about their loved ones and share them during the funeral wakes. These memories may include a favorite song or saying a memory that stuck with them or a memory that they never knew existed but found when watching a video recording of the person.

As long as you are comfortable in your dress attire, there’s no need to change your regular clothing for the wake. However, if you decide to wear something different, you’ll want to make sure that it’s something that has meaning for you.

Wearing any clothing that is festive or loud may be a huge mistake. While everyone at the wake is there to have fun, you should stick to simple and elegant. Although you want to honor your loved one by celebrating his life and sharing his memory, you don’t want to do it in a way that will be inappropriate for the funeral service. Try to avoid any too flashy clothes, as you don’t want anyone at the funeral to be distracted by your dressing.

It’s also a good idea to avoid loud noises when gathering for a funeral wake. This could include anything from screaming over your loved ones or crying. Although crying is appropriate at times, it may be a good idea to avoid yelling as well. So make sure that you ask someone to keep the room quiet so that you can cry without interruption.

In general, you should avoid wearing your family’s clothing when celebrating a death. It’s not customary to wear white after a funeral, although many people will. Instead, you may wear a formal dress to the funeral service and then wear a matching suit or pants and shirt the day of the funeral. But wearing clothing that you didn’t wear during the week can be inappropriate and even embarrassing.