Tips to Make Your T-Shirt Smoother and Softer

Soft clothes will make the wearer feel comfortable, Ladies. Some clothing materials do look good but are not comfortable to wear. Stiff fabrics will also make it difficult for you to move. This is because you will feel uncomfortable when wearing uncomfortable clothes.

Here, clothing manufacturers UK will try to present easy tips to make your T-shirt softer using only salt, Ladies. Check out the complete tips as reported by below.

• 2.5 liters of water
• 100 grams of salt

1. Prepare water in a bucket.
2. Add salt and mix well.
3. Soak the clothes you want to soften in the liquid for about 3 days.
4. Wash with detergent as usual and dry.

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This easy method will make the fabric softer and less stiff when worn. You can also use salt to remove stubborn stains on fabric, you know, Ladies. Good luck and I hope this information is useful.

Miraculously, this ingredient is effective at removing stubborn oil stains on clothes

When eating oily food or cooking in the kitchen, clothes sometimes fall victim to oil droplets from food. Usually the oil marks on clothes are difficult to remove and will make an impression on clothes that are no longer good. Even if you wash it with detergent, it won’t go away on its own.

But lucky if you have chalk at home. Any type of chalk, whether it’s plain chalk or insect repellent, can be used to remove grease stains from clothes.

What you need: White chalk

It’s easy: Rub chalk into the oil-affected part of the shirt until it’s covered. Leave it for up to 1 hour afterward. Then wash as usual with detergent and dry.

Why this method works: The chalk will absorb the oil present in the clothes, thereby removing the grease stains.

Just like that, all you need is chalk and then you can wash the oil-stained clothes as usual.

Remove Deodorant Yellow Stains on White Shirts With These 2 Super Easy Methods

Ladies, it’s sad when your favorite clothes get stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. Especially if the stain is yellow and sticks to white clothes. Generally yellowish stains appear on the armpits due to the former deodorant.

Don’t be in a hurry, ladies. Indeed, yellowish stains on white clothes cause embarrassment when worn. You can follow these steps to bring back a white glow to your clothes.

Using Vinegar
1. Soak clothes in 4 cups cold water mixed with 1/4 cup vinegar
2. Soak for 20 minutes

Using Baking Soda
1. Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with enough warm water. Soak the clothes in the mixture.
2. Take a toothbrush, brush the armpits affected by deodorant stains.
3. Dry the clothes in direct sunlight. This will reduce the yellowish stain and the white will be brighter.

How about it, ladies? Have you found the solution to get rid of the yellow stains from deodorant on your white clothes? Good luck.