Minimalist, Small, Simple, and Unique Modern Container House Design


For some people, maybe most, having a luxury residence or residence is a dream. But for some others, having a simple home is a dream. Having a simple, comfortable small house with a unique appearance can be a source of pride and happiness.

The minimalist lifestyle has long been an idea of life that is embraced by many people. Simplicity, which is reflected in the minimalist style, for them can be a kind of standard of living that is very decent. Best arcades does seem to embed ideas and ideas of life that are far from complicated, the impression is simple, unique, with a little bit of eccentricity.

As we know, the minimalist style is rooted in a very well-known creed: less is more. Minimalism is the real way to be able to display simplicity. Reflection of a lifestyle that keeps away from difficulties and minimizes every aspect of life that tends to be consumptive and excessive.

Container House Design

Container Houses have long been a trend in several countries. The choice of housing by utilizing this shipping container is the best choice and alternative ever to create a very unique and interesting living space. Not only that, container houses, which are usually small in size and whose installation and construction use no more than two containers, are a kind of effort to achieve the idea of simple living as mentioned above.

The appearance of the dwellings by converting the function of this container into a design and construction idea that is able to display a dramatic impression. Visualize design ideas with qualified aesthetic values. Just look at how container houses look with a variety of unique design styles and construction models. It looks very attractive and really displays an anti-mainstream design idea.

The idea of a small residence with a simple appearance as shown by a container house, it seems that it was deliberately designed as one of the best ways to display and reflect the eccentric idea of living.

Modern Minimalist Container House Design

Combining container house ideas and ideas by applying a modern and minimalist design style, is considered one of the best choices and combinations of how to present a comfortable, safe, well-organized dwelling, and especially reflects the complete idea of simplicity of life.

Modern minimalist container house is a reflection of the less is more line of thought that will give birth to and get closer to the real purpose of life, achieving happiness. The combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical designs produced by a minimalist style in a container house is guaranteed to be able to provide a happy residential atmosphere, while still maintaining the perfect aesthetic appearance which is one of the goals of interior design ideas.

To give a real picture of what happiness is like in a simple small house design, take a look at these 4 modern minimalist container house designs with their inspiring exterior and interior visualizations:

Minimalist Container House Design, Alternative Modern Living that is Trendy and Stylish

To have a house or residence, cafe, studio, or even an office space, with a trendy and stylish appearance, there is no need to think about conventional design ideas. Many alternative designs or constructions of attractive and artistic residences have been born, one of which is container houses.

Combining the charm of a small house with sustainability and repurposing, the container house design is claimed to be a cost-effective home design idea and has many advantages when compared to ordinary houses.

As reported by, Alternative Living Spaces based in Las Vegas, United States, managed to develop and use quality materials to construct a modern house from containers that looks very premium.

Alternative Living Spaces constructs containers into luxury residences by maximizing space capacity; an alternative residence with a minimalist style that is charming, trendy and stylish.
Every container house they build is fully customizable with prices ranging from 400 to 500 million only.

Container houses may indeed be and will be an alternative trend to have an impressive low-cost residence or residence. This model house is also of course no less impressive than modern homes such as apartments or even small mobile homes.

Minimalist-Industrial Container House Design

The repurposition of shipping containers into a dream residence has long been carried out by many contractors around the world. Containers do have one power; durable with a compact design and of course environmentally friendly.

Another advantage of containers is their flexibility. Containers can be designed only to create a living room, study room, studio, shop, cafe, or even office construction with an industrial-minimalist style.

Minimalist Container House Facilities
With all the facilities included in the construction of the container house, it will ensure this alternative living space can have a very comfortable feel. Equipped with a variety of minimalist and compact storage spaces, a minimalist container house can really be the best idea for an alternative place to live today.

Most container house units can have a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a work area, a dining room, and a living room that can also be used as a sleeping area.

A container measuring about 40 feet or about 12 meters can turn into a modern-minimalist residence that also has qualified facilities. With its capabilities that can be configured differently, container houses can really look sexy, trendy, stylish and very impressive.

Container homes can have a small refrigerator, an induction cooker with two burners, a sink, a microwave, and a storage space. The pop colors used also add to the appearance of a minimalist style container house that feels like a very artistic flat.

Don’t forget the appearance of the bathroom space with raw corrugated iron, which suggests that this modern-minimalist residence truly expresses itself as an alternative residence that is simple but not forgetting luxury. For more details, see the video of the appearance of the Alternative Living Spaces-style container house below: