How to Choose a Removals Company


Using a removal company can make moving home much more accessible. A professional mover will know exactly how to move heavy items safely and efficiently. They also know how to pack and dismantle appliances and flat-pack furniture. They can also help you with packing and cleaning your new home.

A good removal company should provide you with a quote. The quote should include all the critical factors of the move, including the size of the removal, mileage, packing, and storage costs. It should also include the size of the crew. This will ensure that you receive an accurate quote.

Getting a quote from as many removal companies as possible is essential. You can search for your area’s removals on Google or an online site. Ensure the company is accredited with the British Association of Removers (BAR) or a similar trade association. You may also want to check out their customer reviews to see if they fit you.

Ask the removal company about their insurance policy. The good news is that most reputable removal companies have Public Liability Insurance as a standard. It’s not legally compulsory, but it can protect you in the event of damage. Also, ask about any additional insurance that the company may offer.

You should also ask if the removals company has an ombudsperson service. These are independent and provide an excellent solution to any problems that may arise during removal. This will ensure that your belongings are protected should the removals go wrong. House Movers Aberdeen

It would help if you also researched the local area you are moving to and the amenities available. It is also important to tell the removal company about any restrictions or special regulations you have. This may include access restrictions or whether you need permission to unload a heavy lorry.

The cost of the removal can vary according to the size of the removal, the size of the lorry, and the distance it travels.

This is not a legal requirement, but you can protect your belongings if the move goes wrong. If you choose a removal company that doesn’t offer Goods in Transit Insurance, you’re likely to be left to foot the bill for anything that happens to your items during the move.

You should also check if the removal company has a good website. These are not only good places to get a quote, but they are also a great source of new customers.