Cause of heat

It’s been very hot at home lately. The meaning of the heat does not mean that the atmosphere of the house is hot because of a problem or the village becomes confused. However, the heat of a village is due to weather factors, so because the hot environment causes the atmosphere in the house to be very hot or too hot, why is the heat so hot that it drips a lot of sweat?

In my opinion, maybe it’s because in canninghill piers balance units will rain or the dry season will come, which causes the last rain to fall, so that the heat is very intense and there is a lot of sweat dripping, so that if the door is closed the heat becomes even more intense. Therefore, the door of the house is always opened wide. Not only my family feels it but everyone in my village. It was based on a story from my father while attending a tahlilan event at my neighbor’s place.

According to the story, when he came to the tahlilan event, many residents told about the heat that day, to the point that they were not strong enough. The heat is really felt, so you sweat a lot, so we are recommended to drink lots of water to maximize the effectiveness of our bodies. The trick is to drink 2 glasses of water after waking up, the point is to help activate the internal organs

In addition, it is also recommended to drink 1 glass of water before eating to help digestive and kidney function, and 1 glass of water before bathing can help lower blood pressure, and 1 glass of water before bed to avoid stroke or heart attack. when we are going to drink water according to the procedure I mentioned earlier

Indeed, when we think in reality, everything that will happen and what has happened is the will of ALLAH swt, we should not complain, but we must be grateful for all the blessings that have been given by ALLAH swt. Likewise with the atmosphere or circumstances that occur in where I live or in my village. ALLAH gives heat to the residents in my village and everyone who feels it so that we are all always grateful for the blessings that ALLAH has given us

The beauty of charity

Hearing the word charity, reminds us to always donate or give some or a little of our wealth to coin events such as those held at our school, namely MAN MODEL BANGKALAN. Charity means giving or giving or it can also be interpreted as an act. Thus charity means giving some or a little of our wealth to those in need or who do a good deed for others.

This is related to the repair of the mosque in my village, namely the village of Bilaporah. This mosque was founded by Shaykhona Cholil bin Abdul Latif so this mosque belongs to him. Then after his death, because of this mosque over time there was a lot of damage, so the residents agreed to repair it to be even better. Thus there are several residents who agree to hold donations every month. This was done by several residents who came to every house in our village.

However, if anyone wants to donate outside the monthly donation, it is very much allowed. And on the highway near the mosque there is also a charity box for those who want to donate directly or just put it in the charity box. So that the repair of this mosque will be completed soon, although it takes a very slow or long time, but if it is done every day or little by little, God willing, it will be finished too.

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The benefits of people who always do good deeds are many, one of which can increase the reward, and can help someone in need so as to reduce the burden of that person. And it must be based on sincerity, because sincerity is the key in a practice. If we are sincere, God willing, our hearts will be clean and free from various kinds of prejudices that are not good or negative thoughts or suspicion of things that are not good for others.

How beautiful it would be if all the residents in my village were aware and willing to do charity for the sake of the mosque in this village. Surely the funds for the repair of the mosque in my village will be completed soon. Thus, some residents make various monthly donations to people’s homes as I have explained before and there are also residents who in addition to donating some of their wealth to this mosque, there are also those who donate their energy to help repair this mosque.