Advantages of Toyota Hiace Car Rental Compared to Other Commercial Cars

Spending moments with extended family whether on vacation or going home is always a fun time. Therefore, the choice of a vehicle is very important so that a strong sense of family togetherness is established. For family vacations, you can rely on Toyota Hiace cars as a mode of transportation to enjoy tourist destinations.

In the market segment for providing travel and tourism services, Toyota presents Hiace as its flagship product. There are three variants available, namely STD Manual, Commuter Manual, and Luxury Manual, each of which is equipped with a 5-speed transmission chassis. Travel comfort is highlighted by the Toyota Hiace because the cabin of this car is very spacious. The suspension is soft, doesn’t feel wobbly when passing through difficult terrain and can accommodate up to 16 passengers.

One of the Hollywood Slingshot Rental customers who have used the Toyota Hiace, Wardatus Zakiyah, said he was satisfied with using the Toyota Hiace. According to him, this car feels spacious, comfortable, and does not shake.

The woman from Malang also admitted that she was addicted to riding a Toyota Hiace. In total, Wardatus has ridden this car four times.

“Since the first time I tried it, my brothers and sisters always ordered to use the car again. Well, the name in the village often goes where the group goes. Finally, now they like to use the new car,” he said.

Another factor that makes Wardatus likes to ride a Toyota Hiace is because he never gets drunk during the trip. This 26 year old housewife has taken a Toyota Hiace to Malang – Tulungagung, Tulungagung – Malang, Malang – Nganjuk, and Lamongan.

Toyota Hiace is indeed facilitated with a capable engine and suspension that makes the car not easy to shake, so that passengers don’t get motion sickness easily.

Among these three types of cars, Hiace Luxury is the highest variant with a selling price range of IDR 677,650,000.00. Toyota embeds several more exclusive features, thus making the Hiace Luxury the most expensive type of Hiace.


New Hiace Luxury has a luxurious and dashing exterior appearance. Making anyone who rides it will feel they have a higher prestige. The New Hiace Luxury is already visible from the front of the car. Grille wrapped in chrome that combines lights with a new design. Chrome accents are also pinned to the door handles and side mirror housings. However, the accents on the two components are only available for the Luxury type Hiace.

Sliding door facilities such as the Toyota Alphard make it look elegant and make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the cabin.

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Entering the inside of the car, passengers will be more pampered with the interior owned by New Hiace Luxury. Compared to the standard and commuter types that can accommodate 16 passengers, the New Hiace Luxury is intended for 11 passengers complete with captain seats. The seats are made with a more attractive look, a combination of black and brown, complete with cup holders on the sides.

The shape of the seat is more comfortable, so passengers don’t get tired quickly and the body doesn’t become stiff even when traveling long distances. Comfort is also supported by the use of double wishbone suspension with stabilizer in front and leaf spring rigid axle at the rear.

Drivers and passengers will also not feel bored during the trip, because the New Hiace Luxury entertainment sector is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen equipped with Bluetooth, AUX, USB, AM/FM, iPod Ready, DVD/CD features. For passenger comfort, air conditioning is also located on the ceiling of each seat and can be adjusted individually.


Passenger safety is a matter of great concern to Toyota Hiace Luxury to provide maximum comfort standards. In the front row, for example, there are two SRS airbags that provide extra protection.

3-point seat belt equipped with pretensioners and force limiters embedded in all seats. The pretensioner functions to automatically tighten the seat belt when the car experiences a collision, thus protecting the driver and passengers from future collisions.

Meanwhile, the force limiter functions as a limiter for the strength of the belt in controlling body weight, so that the risk of injury to the chest area can be minimized.

The next safety feature is disc brakes on the front wheels with anti-lock braking system technology and brake assist. Both ensure more optimal braking while helping the driver to control the vehicle in the event of a dangerous incident.

Talking about the price or numbers for renting a Toyota Hiace, it’s definitely not a problem considering the exterior, interior and comfort features offered to pamper consumers.

M Imam Asyari, owner of Arya Pandu Trans Rent car admitted that Toyota Hiace is promising for the travel business.

“Fuel consumption is efficient, so many guests like it. It’s also comfortable and the model is elegant. The steering wheel is also comfortable,” said Imam Asyari.

“Until now there has been none. So far, guests have said that instead of taking another big car (minivan), it’s better to use a hiace. Because of that, it was comfortable, good, the running was okay,” added Imam Asyari when met by some time ago.