17 November

The Basics of a Battery

  A battery stores energy by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. A single battery can power many electronic devices. The correct voltage is critical. Working with the wrong voltage can cause a device to not power on or even fry electrical components. A higher-voltage battery will do more work than a lower-voltage one, and […]

10 November

The Psychology of Online Sports Betting

By: Chloe Game

  Every online action has its psychology, and online sports betting is no exception. Many people fall prey to the fallacy of the gambler or the idea that luck is a supernatural entity that will determine the outcome of a bet. While such beliefs may be true in some cases, there is no direct link […]

03 November

Why Gambling is Good For You

By: Chloe Game

  When played responsibly, gambling can be fun and potentially lucrative. It can also be a way to develop personal skills and spend time with friends. The key to successful gambling is sticking to a bankroll and setting spending limits. Gamblers who play within their bankrolls tend to have more fun. In addition, they feel […]